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Welcome to CEPHEI

Welcome to the CEPHEI project and welcome to the opportunity to broaden your knowledge about digital learning and industry-linked cooperative projects. At the heart of the CEPHEI project are the customer management system (CMS) and learning management system (LMS), which host master’s degree level courses (individual educational components), company courses, and online courses specializing in innovations in industry hosted by a consortium of partner universities. The CEPHEI CMS and LMS offers industrial innovation courses to university students, companies, and the general public. It uniquely combines a digital learning educational approach with direct links to industry with the aim of educating the innovative leaders of tomorrow, solving current industry problems, providing freemium education to the general public, and creating a talent pipeline between university students and potential employers.

CEPHEI Stakeholders

There are a number of stakeholders in the CEPHEI project: companies that need international training/retraining on how to innovate; industries that have problems they wish to be solved; instructors and institutions who want to teach digitally and need support, or who want to teach internationally for industry and with industry; innovation degree programme directors who are open to digitalization and internationalization of courses; and learners who wish to learn innovation-related information, both digitally and internationally.

CEPHEI Results

The results of the CEPHEI Project are the development of: