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Industry Partners

To meet the needs of today’s students, industries and societies, the CEPHEI Project brings together four major elements: innovations in industry; links between universities and industry; a flipped learning approach; and a freemium model of education.    

Innovations in industry

Innovation gives nations a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. It is a route to economic growth, as it leads to the creation and transformation of new knowledge into new products, services or processes that meet the needs of the market. It also enables companies to cut costs through downsizing or re-engineering, thus leading to higher profits and greater revenue. Innovation is at the heart of growth for business and industry; when businesses grow, employment opportunities grow. This leads to an increase in personal income which supports an increase in the well-being of individuals and to the progress of society. Innovative new products and processes also meet the changing needs of populations. This leads to better standards of living. Without innovating, nations will start to lag behind. Thus, the development of courses in innovation is at the heart of the CEPHEI project.

Links between Universities and Industry

The core idea of CEPHEI Project is to link universities to industry. Mutually beneficial links between universities and industries can support students in acquiring the skills and knowledge they need for the workplace. Linking with industries provides many benefits such as:

Such a connection also enables universities to gather information on the skills and competencies that industries currently require and incorporate these into degree and course outcomes. Moreover, industry internships and mentorships can be set up. Therefore, universities that place the needs of industries at the heart of their educational programs will create mutual benefits, for both students and industries, through connections and hiring pathways. This is one of the key aims of the CEPHEI Project.

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