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Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (GUBKIN)

Gubkin University plays one of the leading roles among the Russian technical universities nowadays. The University has close collaborations with EU partners, which has resulted in framework agreements between Gubkin University and several European universities. One of the results of this collaboration is the joint KTH-GUBKIN Dual Master program “Sustainable Energy Engineering”.  One of the main directions of the University activities deals with development of education program and research in the energy sector. GUBKIN has a close connection with regional enterprises. Top-managers from regional energy enterprises take part in education and research activities of the University. 

Role in the project

GUBKIN participates in all work packages of the project, but the main focus deals with establishing of the blended education practice in the university: coordination the standards with local and national educational system, integration of the innovative forms of learning in the teaching process, production of blended courses in Industrial Innovations, especially energy sectors. The main GUBKIN contribution in the project is a new on-line course supported by two remote labs presented on the project web-platform.