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MEF University & MEF

 MEF University is known for its international outlook, high academic standards, dynamic and accessible management, and for responding to the requirements of the current generation with state-of-the-art academic programs and innovative technology-enhanced student-centered teaching methods. The MEF Educational Institutions are seen as the symbol of innovation, difference and excellence in education in Turkey and are recognized for the contribution they have made to the education sector with their wealth of knowledge and experience.

MEF University was established by the İbrahim Arıkan Education and Scientific Research Support Foundation in 2012, and opened for teaching in 2014 at its city campus in the financial district of Maslak on the European side of Istanbul. MEF University encompasses five faculties, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Law and Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture, and has adopted highly cross-disciplinary approach in both education and research. MEF University is the first university in the world implementing flipped learning across all the curricula.

Role in the project

MEF University provides expertise and best practices on flipped learning as well as its delivery. MEF’s experiences are used to develop performance improvement initiatives for leadership, institutional commitment, the infrastructure, and instructor and student support and development. MEF University contributes with establishing the standards of teaching units for eLearning, and their quality standards, as well as works together with companies and partner universities to design innovative course content. MEF takes part in all work packages of the project, but leads work packages 2 (standard teaching units for blended learning content), 3 (course design Labs, B-Labs), and 4 (blended learning content).