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Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

KTH is known for its elaborated strategy of knowledge transfer from academia to industry and an education-innovation-research environment. Entrepreneurship, innovation and business management are the core issues in the KTH’s education programs and in all technical courses, which are followed by integration of new multidisciplinary technologies, methods and tools. KTH works closely with national and multinational companies and venture capitalists. Being involved in numerous international projects during the last twenty years the KTH staff has a great experience and capabilities in the project management of a different scale.

Role in the project

KTH takes part in all work packages of the project. It is supposed to be the source of good practices and technology transfer in blended education and Industrial Innovation courses. KTH team is supposed to share the available materials in Industrial Innovation and Engineering with partner universities. The main KTH contribution in the project is two on-line courses presented on the project web-platform.