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Research Reports Session 

Day 8 08.10.2021 10.00-12.00 (EEST)


09.30  Keynote Speaker from Telanto

Raquel Revuelta 

"Telanto.com experience on bridging of Universities and Industry: Pains and Gains” 

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10:00 Registration, checking the microphones, greeting

TRACK 1. “New findings in Digital Education”

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Chairs: Ville Heilala (University of Jyväskylä, Finland), Leonid Chechurin (LUT, Finland)

10:05 - 10:18 Dante Jorge Dorantes-González MEF University, Turkey   “Foundations of Neuroscience-Based Learning”

10:18 - 10:31 Marcus Vinicius Pereira Pessôa and Linlin Pei University of Twente, Netherland  “Lecturer as a Program Manager: lessons learned from continuously improving a project management master course to engineers”

10:31 - 10:45 Ville Heilala, Päivikki Jääskelä, Mirka Saarela, Anna-Stina Kuula, Anne Eskola and Tommi Kärkkäinen University of Jyväskylä, Finland "Sitting at the stern and holding the rudder": Teachers' reflections on action in higher education based on student agency analytics

10:45 - 11:00 Sun Young Huh and Young Hoan Cho Seoul Theological University and National University, South Korea “Problem-based flipped learning in higher education"


11:05 - 11:20 Juha Vehmas, Arnob Islam Khan, Vasilii Kaliteevski and Leonid Chechurin  LUT University, Finland  "Learning Analytics Overview: Academic Approach and Machine Learning Possibilities”

11:20 - 11:35 Arnob Islam Khan, Vasilii Kaliteevski, Iuliia Shnai and Leonid Chechurin 

LUT University, Finland “Systematic Assessment and Illustration of Students’ Online Discussion Engagement”

11:35 - 11:50 Iuliia Shnai  LUT University, Finland  “Flipped Classroom: case study over 5 years”

11:50-12:00  Main Room: Open sharing of the feeling of Chairs and participants

TRACK 2. “Practice of Digital Education”

Chairs: Olga Shvetsova (KUTE, S.Korea), Anastasia Chakir (LUT, Finland)

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10:05 - 10:16 Olga Shvetsova Korea University of Technology and Education, South Korea “Transformation of University teaching methods in South Korea: crisis and new sustainable forms of education process”

10:16 - 10:27 Yongkui Yang and Lin Zhao Tianjin University, China  “Online education of innovation using the CEPHEI e-learning platform in the new pandemic situation”

10:27 - 10:38 Viktor Sheynbaum, Alexey Lopatin, Petr Pyatibratov and Aleksandr Serovaiskii GUBKIN University, Russia  “Interdisciplinary training in the virtual environment of professional activities: the experience of Gubkin University”

10:38 - 10:49 Caroline Fell Kurban MEF University, Turkey  “Key Learning Frameworks Underpinning CEPHEI e-Course Syllabus Design”

10:49 - 11:00 Caroline Fell Kurban MEF University, Turkey “A Framework for Effective e-Course Syllabus Design”


11:05 - 11:16 Irina Pavlova, Gufana Narimanova, Irina Larioshina, Maria Afanasyeva and Natalia Artsemovich TUSUR University, Russia  “Designing a framework to develop a flipped CEPHEI course in innovation systems and technological development”

11:16 - 11:27 Elizaveta Serovaiskaia and Aleksandr Serovaiskii,  Goethe-Institute Moscow and GUBKIN University, Russia  “Challenges and prospects of the online education due to the COVID-19 pandemic”

11:27 - 11:38 Anastasia Chakir LUT University, Finland  “Digital education enables collaboration with industry”

11:38 - 11:50 Olga Kiseleva University College Leuven Limburg, Belgium “Financial benefits for companies through collaboration with an academic organization using project-based learning approach”

11:50-12:00 Main Room: Open sharing of the feeling of Chairs and participants

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