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Workshop 2. "How to design online course?"  

Day 2 07.10.2021 10.00-12.00 (EEST)


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Last year had shown that education industry is able to rapidly adapt to changes and switch from traditional forms of education. Online learning prospered as a safe and viable alternative during pandemic.  Even before the pandemic, the global elearning market was already seeing a massive annual global growth. In this interactive workshop, we start off with discussion of trends in education and how elearning corresponds with them. After that, we talk how to plan activities in online class. Then, in small groups, participants will think over their course and structure it for online course delivery.

10.00-10.30 Trends in education

10.30-10.50 Online course design

10.50-11.20 Hand-on. Practice and discussion in small groups

11.20 - Questions and discussion


    Anastasia Chakir
    Anastasia Chakir
    PhD Candidate