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"Flipped learning"  workshop

Day 2 07.10.2021 14.00-17.00 (EEST)


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In this interactive workshop, we start off by finding out what you already know about flipped learning and then get you to pose questions about what you would like to learn about flipped learning by the end of the workshop. After that, we take you on a demo lesson through the eyes of a student, so that you get to experience each of the stages of a flipped lesson (pre-class, in class, after class). Then, in groups, we get you to think back over the lesson and to identify the purpose of the different stages. This is followed by a question and answer session where, in groups, you will attempt to answer the questions you wrote at the start of the workshop. We end the session by getting you to write a short action plan on how you will use what you have learnt about flipped learning in your upcoming courses.


  • MEF University team:
    Dr. Caroline Kurban
    Dr. Caroline Kurban
    Paker Doğu Özdemir
    Paker Doğu Özdemir