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Jun 22, 2021

Online and blended education transformation workshop CEPHEI  project in LUT university

The representatives from CEPHEI consortium will provide the workshop session for the LUT staff about the designing the virtual or blended learning experiences in a more effective way.

The situation changed significantly in the last year, it became a huge burden for teachers and students all over the world. But where there is a burden there is an opportunity for improvement:)

 Therefore we initiate this workshop to discuss what real challanges we have in designing student -centered virtual education and how everyone cope with it. The workshop is a part of CEPHEI Erasmus+ project which we conducted together with 9 universities all over the world about industrial innovation and digital learning.

We will share our 7+ experience in online learning, yes we did it before anyone needed it:)

And deliver the experience of our amazing colleagues from consortium, some of universities maybe be familiar to you and some completely new. From MEF - fully flipped university to UT and KTH.

Please register and get your spot, as we want to make it a real discussion the places are limited.

We are open ! CEPHEI  workshop in LUT!

Date and time: Tuesday 22th Jube 2021, 14.00- 16.00

Place: Online 


14.00 - 14.30 Introduction (Prof. Leonid Chechurin & Dr. Iuliia Shnai) 

- CEPHEI  project

- One button studio

- Courses redesign  

- Digital projects

14.30-14.40 - How to build courses on CEPHEI 

14.40 -15.00  Group discussion of challanges and solutions in digital education (All participants) 

15.00 - 15.30 How to engage students with Flipped Classroom?

15.30-16.00 Summary and results (All participants) 

ZOOM link to join the meeting

Join us for sessions and discussions! Register here