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Sep 2, 2019

Digital education in industrial innovation

Stockholm, 14-16 October 2019 

The conference theme - ” Back to the core, beyond the core ” - addresses the very nature of our field at the interface between technology and management. What constitutes and characterizes good IEM education and research? Which issues, subjects and empirical phenomena should IEM-scholars address? What is the real core of a cross-disciplinary field as IEM? What is rigor and relevance in IEM research? And how can we strengthen our competitive edge in relation to other disciplines in engineering and social science?

CEPHEI Project has own session at the 7th Scandinavian Conference on Industrial Engineering and Management. Since 2017, the EU ERASMUS+ project CEPHEI has been executed, aiming to create a digital platform for industrial innovation curricula. This session will share experiences from the project as well as provide innovate example of to move the teaching, from classical PPT, to online formats.