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Sep 9, 2019

The 9th Consortium Meeting was held in Moscow, Russia

The consortium meeting took place in Moscow 06-07 September 2019 in GUBKIN university. The consortium was welcomed by Prof. A. Maksimenko, Vice-rector of GUBKIN University. The consortium members were discussing the following issues: equipment purchase and setup, course completion, industry subscription, quality assessment and dissemination. 

According to the plan all partner universities have to complete purchasing and installation of the equipment for B-labs by November 2019. The equipment should have the tags of CEPHEI project and “Co-financed by EU”,  the instruction on how to use the equipment, the full list of it, schedule of use of the equipment, responsible persons, other documents providing the evidence of proper management of it. The evidence of accepting the equipment as a university’s asset should be seen. Thanks to HEBUT University for in time and correct achievement of the goal. CEPHEI Manual for eLearning equipment and software is still missing and should be delivered by responsible officer. 

All partners presented the description of their courses and the contents, the readiness of the first-to-publish course varies (according to self-evaluation) from almost 100% (e.g. KTH’s adapted course of Martin) to 25% (TJU). All the first courses from each consortium members are to be published by December 1, 2019.

Involvement of industry is the central feature of CEPHEI comparing to other platforms and therefore the central issue to work on besides the course production. No course should be uploaded to CEPHEI platform without a declaration of interest from industry, business or society. The interest and commitment is to be indicated by, ideally, placing the logo of the company on the course icon. Every published course of CEPHEI Project should have at least one business/company ready to cooperate with it.