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Jul 12, 2019

MEF Consortium Meeting

The consortium meeting took place in Istanbul 9-11 of July at MEF with full participation from all partner universities.

The meeting was opened by the Rector of MEF, Prof. Muhammed Şahin, that was a valuable indicator of the importance and visibility of the project for the institution. He emphasized the changes that MEF University will implement in the upcoming semester:

  1. The Flipped, Adaptive, Digital & Active Learning (FADA) Model
  2. 2019-2020 MEF Development:
    • Product & Project Based Education.
    • Moving towards replacing final exams with semester-long projects.Elective Courses from edX, Coursera and Cephei

Caroline Fell Kurban lead the workshop activities of Andragogy for CEPHEI courses, making sure that selected courses match the standards:

You can find more information about Cephei standards in the blog.