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Dec 19, 2018

CEPHEI in Moscow GMIT conference

The conference was the meeting of several Russian universities, which are licensed for BSc and MSc degree program in "Innovatics" (the closest translation would be "Management of Innovations"). The program has a good reputation in Russia and abroad: about 65 Russian Universities hold this program and LUT established Double Degree agreements with several universities on GMIT - Innovatics (already about 30 graduates since 2009). The focus of the meeting this year (10-year anniversary of the Double degree initiative) was Digital education. Thus, CEPHEI project gained a huge interest. There was intensive discussion on: How to teach electronically, how to organize the teaching, what are the difficulties and benefits of digitalization? The resolution of the conference recommended all the partners to join the CEPHEI consortium as associative member to learn the best practices of flipped/blended/online education.