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Additive manufacturing

Additive Technologies are based on the direct production of products based on their 3D models that don’t require additional technical equipment. The fundamental principle of manufacturing of finished products is adding material rather than deleting.

The purpose of this course is to learn how to design technological processes for the production of products for various functional purposes and to gain knowledge about the basic standard technological processes and their features, depending on the type of additive manufacturing technology used.

The course consists of several sections, each of which contains theoretical materials presented in video-lectures and supplemented by presentation materials, as well as control materials in the form of tests for consolidating the studied material.

During the course, students will learn the basics of the additive manufacturing process, the rules for preparing 3D models and creating supporting elements. They will also learn the features of the application of additive technologies in various industries and  learn to choose technological equipment for the manufacture of products based on additive technologies and materials.

Learning outcomes

Course structure

  1. Introduction;
  2. Main terms and regulatory documents in additive manufacturing area;
  3. Classification of additive technologies;
  4. Application areas of additive manufacturing products;
  5. The role of additive technologies. Overview of equipment for additive manufacturing;
  6. Technologies for producing metal powder materials for additive manufacturing;
  7. The preparation sequence of 3D-models for additive manufacturing;
  8. Overview of software for additive manufacturing ;
  9. Post-processing of products manufactured by additive technologies.
  • University:
    Vladimir State University
    Vladimir State University

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